About me

I have a professional background in Instructional Design and Human Resources. My experience is in identifying people skill gaps, design highly engaging, effective training and curriculum for face-to-face, blended, and eLearning modalities for corporations and academic projects.

My professional life started when I was still in school. I got my bachelor degree in Business and my MBA at the best business university in Brazil.

During and after school, I had the opportunity to work for different companies in the procurement area. Such experience helped me develop technical and soft skills, as well as international experience.

While working at IBM in the procurement department, I discovered my passion for People Development. I followed my heart, and I moved to a position in HR at IBM. There I had the opportunity to manage projects both internally and with outside customers in the areas of Learning & Development, Organization & Design Process, and Evaluation and Implementation of HR systems and tools. 

I had a career break in 2015, and I decided to invest in my personal development. I took classes at UC Berkeley/California in the area of Talent Management & Development. And It was in San Francisco that I met my great love. I married, and I officially moved to the US in 2016.

In the past five years, my life changed completely. It has been a period for so much learning and adaptation. I had a chocolate business, but I learned that my vocation in the kitchen is to make delicious treats for family and friends. This is another side of me; I love creating social events and putting people together; my nickname is PR (Public Relations). Also, I had a Career Coaching company. I worked for non-profit organizations as a professional and volunteer to develop and to facilitate training. I created a blog “just angel”. And finally, I am studying at UMass Boston to obtain a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design.

Each new experience has encouraged me to reach further towards my goals, and each goal met has opened a door and helped me set the next goal. Ahh, I also wrote an e-book called “Atitude, Preparação e Vitória.

Angelica Pizeli Elliott