Part I – Attitude, Preparation and Victory

Equation: (Values + Purpose) x Objectives = Achievement.

Part I – Values ​​and their meanings

Values ​​underlie everything we are and do. If what we value is not useful, then everything we base on our values ​​, such as our thoughts, emotions, everyday feelings, will be out of control. Everything we think and feel about a situation ultimately returns to the value we consider to have.

Most people don’t have well-defined values ​​or don’t know their real meaning, and therefore prevent them from gaining a deeper knowledge of their values. We can cite as an example; A person who says he values ​​Honesty, but his behavior is disingenuous, omits facts, and has no composure. As it turns out, as much as this person believes Honesty to be an important value in his life, he doesn’t know what Honesty means, its applicability, and its synonyms in essence.

If we check the meaning of Honesty in the dictionary or on the Internet, we will find: Honesty is the word that indicates the quality of being true: not lying, not cheating, not deceiving. Honesty can be a feature of a person or institution, it means telling the truth, not omitting, not concealing. The honest person repudiates trickery and the cleverness of wanting to take advantage of everything. Some synonyms of Honesty are dignity, integrity, composure, rectitude, and probity.

Anyway, what I want to show by this example is that by getting a clear definition of what the word Honesty means, we find several components and applicability to the name, and if a person does not know what Honesty means, then this person may not be applying it entirety or perhaps even distorted, which consequently generates an internal conflict with a person believes versus their attitudes and behaviors.

Values ​​are not permanent, and they tend to change as we mature and experience and change whose initial values ​​no longer make sense to us.

And why am I talking about values ​​and their meanings?

Well, as the year has just begun, and many of us have a habit of reviewing our actions from the previous year, making plans, finally finishing and starting a new cycle. Hence, the suggestion is to share with you an exercise I did recently, and I believe that will help you review your values, be clear about what they mean to you, and whether they are truly aligned with your life goals and objectives.

I call this exercise Attitude, Preparation, and Victory, and I worked out the following equation for clarity: (Values ​​+ Purpose) x Goals = Achievement. What does that mean?

In the next days, you will receive three articles, each representing a phase of this exercise, parts I, II, and III. Each task should be done in the order they are received as one complements the other. It’s straightforward to do, but it requires 1 hour of dedication to each of them, silence, focus, and discipline, after all, you will get in touch with your thoughts and your inner self, so it is essential to keep an open and focused mind.

So get to work. I’m sure you will love it!

Exercise Part I

First, list all the values ​​that are important to you in vertical order in a paper or on your computer. Whether you have 3 or 10 values, the important thing is that they need to be aligned with what you believe.

Second, write to them again, but now you only write one value per page. You can do it in an excel spreadsheet or write it down in the same notebook.

Third, for each of these values, ​​go to the dictionary and search for its definition. Carefully read their synonyms and applicability, pay attention to the examples, if any. Write down what you found and especially the points you identify yourself with each value.

Fourth, after writing down all the values ​​and their definitions, read each one carefully. Ask yourself: Did I have the same understanding of this value as in the dictionary? What did I learn new from this word? What does this value mean to me, and what does it bring me any good? What am I failing to do to make this value stronger within me and make me act more coherently with its real meaning? Do this for all the values ​​you initially set.

Fifth, you may find that after performing these exercises, some values ​​you initially set will no longer do, or even the word you choose was not the most appropriate. In this case, cross out the previous value and replace it with the value that makes the most sense to you and research its meaning and write it down again.

When I was doing this exercise, two of the values ​​I had written initially were replaced by other words, for I saw that the meaning did not match what I had defined and understanding of value to me. If this happens to you, don’t worry. This exercise is an opportunity to review your knowledge of your values ​​and compare to the correct word meaning, and thus to evaluate whether or not it makes sense to maintain the value.

As I said, this is the first phase of the Attitude, Preparation, and Victory exercise, and the equation is (Values ​​+ Purpose) x Goals = Achievement. In the next article, you will learn about part II, which is a continuation of this exercise.

See you in the next article.

Angelica Pizeli Elliott

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