Part II – Attitude, Preparation and Victory

Parte II –  My purpose

According to the dictionary, the word Purpose means:

Great desire to accomplish or to achieve something. For example, being honest is my life purpose. What one seeks to achieve (goal). What one wants to do; what one intends to accomplish (resolution).

This exercise is not the usual exercise that every Coach suggests to do, such as “List your life purposes, and what you like and dislike doing, and define the actions to achieve them.” This exercise is a little different from what most coaches suggest. I will explain to you how it works and why it will be handy to you this coming year.

Let’s start!

Once you have completed Part, I the Values ​​and Meanings exercise, on the same sheets you made the notes, you will write below: “My Purpose,” i.e., for each written value. In this part you should put all your intentions, attitudes and behaviors that you will have in this new year according to each component found in the exercise of values. For a better illustration see the example:

In Part I, a case was given by a person whose value Honesty. By researching its meaning and synonyms found in the dictionary, she learned that honesty is: to be accurate, not to lie, not to deceive, not to omit, etc. And its synonyms are composure, decency, integrity, and dignity. After, her findings she realized that was not applying “honesty” correctly and set the following resolution for 2020: “I will be more transparent and truthful, I will not omit, I will not deceive anyone.” 

In short, it was:

Value: Honesty is: being right, not lying, not cheating, not deceiving, not omitting, not concealing. Synonyms: composure, decency, integrity, and dignity. 

Purpose: I will be more transparent and accurate, I will not omit, I will not deceive anyone.

The example is given covers the components of what purpose means, such as having an intention and objectives. Therefore your purpose cannot be separated from the values you have defined as valuable to you.

Practice this exercise, and you will see how important it is to be clear in defining your values ​​and aligning them with your desire to accomplish, achieve, and do something for your life, whether personal or professional. If you work with them in isolation, you get lost, and then everything becomes meaningless.

See you in the next article.

Angelica Pizeli Elliott

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