Part III – Attitude, Preparation and Victory

Part III – Resolutions and Objectives -> Goals and Subgoals  According to the dictionary, the word resolution has a distinct meaning and applicability. Still, for this exercise, we will rely solely on the definition: Natural ability to decide and to maintain a decision (decision made after much thought). An example of a resolution: judge less.… Read More

Part II – Attitude, Preparation and Victory

Parte II –  My purpose According to the dictionary, the word Purpose means: Great desire to accomplish or to achieve something. For example, being honest is my life purpose. What one seeks to achieve (goal). What one wants to do; what one intends to accomplish (resolution). This exercise is not the usual exercise that every… Read More

Part I – Attitude, Preparation and Victory

Equation: (Values + Purpose) x Objectives = Achievement. Part I – Values ​​and their meanings Values ​​underlie everything we are and do. If what we value is not useful, then everything we base on our values ​​, such as our thoughts, emotions, everyday feelings, will be out of control. Everything we think and feel about… Read More